Hell’s Bay Skiffs and World Cats

Deep Water Cay provides the ultimate in Bahamian water experiences. With a fleet of Hell’s Bay Skiffs and World Cats, The boats here are the Bahamas’ best.

Custom Hell’s Bay Skiffs

Our fleet of Hell’s Bay Flats skiffs will handle the skinniest waters, drafting less than five inches of water. Each skiff has been fitted with custom additions like stainless steel lean bars for better support while casting, livewells for reviving bonefish before release, and poling platforms for the guides, giving them an uninterrupted view of the flats and the fish.

World Cats

Deep Water Cay’s two World Cats are ideal for treks to deeper waters and provide a very stable platform in rough seas and offer plenty of space for a larger group. Our teams have custom outfitted these boats– one for offshore fishing and the other for diving.

The World Cat 330TE Tournament Edition is the flagship of the World Cat fleet. Recognized as the ultimate sport-fishing power catamaran, this boat is designed to get you to the bite and back without taking a beating.  Built for hard-core blue water fishing with an ultra-stable fishing platform with a walk-through transom, three large fish boxes with 888-quarts of insulated storage, two 45-gallon livewells, 6 gunnel-mouned stainless steel custom rod holders, raw and fresh water washdowns, and  electric reels or kites make this power catamaran the ultimate sportfishing machine.