Fishing Gear and Accessories

Whenever you are visiting Deep Water Cay it is important to have the right fishing gear and accessories. If you’re visiting Deep Water Cay between the months of January and May, our pros recommend a nine-weight rod. For summer months, a lighter rod is recommended; try a saltwater six- or seven-weight.

When it comes to flies, eight- to 16-pound test fluorocarbon leaders are ideal for bonefish, as they sink more quickly and are a bit tougher. The two must-have flies are the Mantis shrimp and the McVey Gotcha..

Your clothing choice is as important as your fishing gear. Ideally, you should wear quick-drying clothes with a good SPF rating. Flats boots or sneakers are imperative to avoid blisters and abrasions if you’re wading. Don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses, preferably with amber or copper lenses that are best for spotting fish.

If you forget anything, you’ll find it at the island outfitter shop, stocked with the highest-quality fly gear available. We carry ORVIS rods and reels, Sage rods, Tibor reels and Rio lines. We also carry flies and anything else you need for a great day of fishing.