Commitment to Conservation

At Deep Water Cay we fish with an eye toward the long-term survival of bonefish and have a close partnership with the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT). Our guides tag the fish prior to release, and when the fish are caught again, habitat and health data is captured and provided to BTT scientists for study.

The insightful work of BTT scientists, with the help of our guides, will ultimately lead to better fisheries, healthy ecosystems, pristine environments, and plentiful fish stocks for future generations of anglers.

Conservation Contest: Money Fish

The Bonefish Tarpon Trust, along with Deep Water Cay, has developed an incentive to help you help us. You can become a BTT member, and then, while a guest at Deep Water Cay, if you catch the bonefish with the magic tag number, you will qualify to receive a $10,000 reward. Ask a Deep Water Cay representative for more information.